The poster exhibition is a very important part of NICOPA10 program. On the last day of NICOPA10,the presenter authors of 10 selected posters by reviewers will have the opportunity to present their work in an oral session,each for 5 minutes. So,please prepare your PowerPoint slides,keep it with yourself in case that you were selected for oral presentation. 

facilitate the reviewers task,we ask all delegates who their abstracts has been accepted for POSTER PRESENTATION to prepare a PDF of their Poster and  UPLOAD it, as soon as possible,(Deadline: 10th October,2017 [18th MEHR 1396]).


Poster size: 90 cm height X 70 cm width.
 Detailed information about when and how to display the posters and when POSTER PRESENTERS need to be present their posters will be posted. on nicopa10.sums.ac.ir

For any queries as to registration please email at NICOPA10.  


See you all in Shiraz

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